Child Adoption: Why Foster First

There are around 135,000 child adoptions in the US every year, and a large percentage of these adoptions are via child fostering programs. If you are thinking of child adoption, you may want to consider fostering a child first.

You can learn how to be a foster parent via a child adoption specialist, who can help you fill out the necessary paperwork and get you that much closer to adopting or supporting a child in need. Is child adoption right for you? Here are reasons why you should be a foster parent first.

You learn how the adoption system works

With so many children in the system awaiting fostering or adoption, it can be difficult to navigate the process for yourself. Learning how to become a foster parent before doing a formal adoption of a child can give you the insight you need to understand how adoption operates while positively impacting the life of a child at the same time.

There are children in the welfare system who are in need of fostering while their parents or other family members work to gain custody of their children again, which means you can foster children on a temporary basis so they can be reunited with their families. If you want a permanent solution, then you can consider fostering children with the possibility of adoption as well; speak to a child adoption advocate to learn more.

You learn how to take in a child in stages

It's a large and selfless feat to take on the legal responsibility of a child that is not biologically your own, and you may want to step into the process with smaller steps. Fostering opens the door to adoption and allows you to get to know a child and care for them until everyone is comfortable with making the final decision for adoption. Remember that a majority of child adoption cases in the US began with fostering a child, so it's wise to choose this route if you are new to adoption.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the child adoption process, and if you begin with fostering you can still have a child to care for while learning what works best for your family situation regarding adoption. Begin the process to consider foster child adoption today so you can grow your family. A child adoption advocate will work with your family to create a fostering solution that can yield the best results for everyone and help you get a child adoption successfully started.